Dikareva Ekaterina



The garden is placed in modular wooden structures. The theme of the festival Bright Colors is represented in the selection of plants. The neutral background of typical designs and green hedges emphasizes the freshness and brightness of the composition. The species of shrubs, perennials and annuals of a similar shape and color are selected for the garden. The shape of a rose flower and a combination of lemon yellow and lavender flowers serve as the basis. Decorative cabbages and begonias at the entrance, the hanging pots with Pelargonium flowers to hide the high wall of the container from the street, the rose garden in the depths of the garden, all of them create an unusual combination. The shrubs with lemon leaves, Showy Stonecrop (Sedum spectabile), Alchemilla mollis, a bushy aster continue to develop the theme of similarity, soften the contrasts and combine the composition. Plants in the composition are decorative until late autumn.