Gorbatova Svetlana


On the podium, there are benches for relaxation, flowerpots with natural plants and built-in flower beds installed. The garden is clearly zoned and divided into the place for rest and Nature contemplation and the Flower Garden proper located along the perimeter. The podium is enclosed by flowerpots and garden beds planted with flowers, such as: Salvia officinalis, Helenium and Hakonechloa.

Before the resting benches theres a strip of lawn, which creates a feeling of rest on the lawn in front of the country house. The illusion of outdoor recreation is enhanced by a Syringa shrub stretched behind the benches. This idea is the embodiment of the dream that almost any city dweller has: sitting under the Lilac Tree, feet in green grass, inhaling the fragrance of flowers and relieving the weariness of the working day gone-by...
The ecological spirit of the project and closeness to nature, so in demand in today's metropolis, are emphasized by the eco-material of paving, flowerpots facing and the material that the benches are made of: natural wood.

Bright landscaping vegetation is in accord with the theme of the competition: bright, saturated colors are represented by a Helenium hybrida (Perennial Asteraceae), Hakonechloa, Sedum spectabile, Salvia nemorosa, which are able to convey the colorful diversity of the Moscow summer.

The main flower bed in the upper right corner of the podium is not only a place for rest, its the main accent of the whole project as well.

The Lilac tree, surrounded by a Sedum spectabile and Hakonechloa, mix up cultures and traditions, creating new trends and opportunities in landscape design, beautification and gardening.

Owing to the alternate flowering of the represented plants, the Extravaganza project will provide a real and continuous Moscow summer, filling it with fragrances and many colors.