Zaykova Elena, Ryzhova Ksenia, Moroz Alexander

The fourth is not excessive

In what way should the bright colors be added to the gray-black-brown urban space of the XXI century? What should be changed in the palette to make it more modern? The fashion industry has a rule: Two colors make a style, three - an accent And what if we add a fourth color?

Whenever choosing the color scheme of the garden, the third color always turns out to be excessive falling out of the natural palette. To neutralize the triangle, you need a fourth color. Its brightness is exactly whats needed to retain the color variety and harmony in the garden, to defuse the situation, becoming the flavor of the garden and relieving the tension of the triangle.

A bright palette of pink color is considered ambiguous and even vulgar. Very often designers avoid working with it. Creating our garden, we decided to protect the pink color and challenge those who consider it vulgar.

With the right combination of colors, it is the bright color of "fuchsia" that becomes the perfect accent color. It splendidly dilutes the natural color palette and expands in the form of graceful spectacular air frames which act as a modern sculpture replacing the traditional plantations of trees and shrubs. When competently integrated into the composition, the bright crimson color gives amazing gentle air accents.

Weve planted the garden with fragrant flowers and plants that attract insects, thereby promoting the right choice of colors and the biodiversity of a particular place as well.