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One gold and two silvers: three projects of the Flower Jam - 2018 have won the most prestigious professional national awards

Three projects of the Open International Competition and Festival of Urban Landscape Design Flower Jam - 2018 have won the 9th Russian National Award for Landscape Architecture, which is Russia's highest professional award in the field of landscape and garden design, landscape architecture, urban beautification and greenery planting.

The garden of Carmen (by James Basson) in the Maia Plisetskaya Square, the special project of Flower Jam-2018, has been nominated for the best exhibition garden implemented and its won a gold diploma.

A silver diploma also in this nomination went to Dont Rush! Take your time! special project by Peter Fink and Matthew Childs on Tverskoy Boulevard.

Another silver diploma in the nomination for The best public unimplemented project with an area of less than one hectare was awarded to the park project by Olga Gribova and Anastasia Ostroumova, which firstly originated in the exhibition garden called In the streams located at New Arbat avenue in Moscow.

The special project of the "Flower Jam" festival, - garden of "Carmen", - was one of the most discussed landscape phenomena this autumn. Mr James Basson is one of the world's leading garden designers. The garden of "Carmen" in Maia Plisetskaya Square at Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street was the first work of the famous designer that he created in Russia. It was a clear demonstration of how landscape architecture can change a public space and become a real visual treat to residents and visitors of Moscow.

The project of Peter Fink and Matthew Childs (UK), - a garden called "Dont rush!"- was also a special presentation in the "Flower Jam" program. The garden that stretched almost the entire length of Tverskoy Boulevard was, according the authors, a space for creativity and play, a dedication to what grown-ups could learn from children: curiosity, an amazing ability to see beauty in everyday things, the ability to enjoy the moment.

The Russian landscape designers Olga Gribova and Anna Ostroumova presented their garden named In the streams as part of the Flower Jam Competition in the nomination for The Large Exhibition Gardens. It was located in center of Moscow at the New Arbat avenue. The authors sought to show the combination and penetration of different cultures and characters. The three principal colors: red, blue and green were the protagonistic leading forces of the garden design representing the flow of rapid streams. Later, based on this garden design, the authors created the park project, for which they received this Silver Award.