Завершилась Международная ландшафтная конференция «Цветочного джема» - 2019


The "Flower Jam" – 2019 International Landscape Conference has concluded its work

The "Flower Jam" International Landscape Conference is over. Those were the three incredible days that flew by in one breath. It’s been three days of heated discussions, amazingly interesting speeches and meetings with the most outstanding professionals from Russia, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy and the Netherlands. A whole audience every day and activities broadcasted online on the "Flower Jam" web site. Different opinions, different strategies and different schools - all in one place with full immersion. The four-hour face-to-face meeting of the Expert Council of the Flower Jam Competition - 2019. Forty-two finalists of the competition from nine countries. Those were two days of hard work of expert mentors and the authors whose projects reached the finals. And dozens of feedbacks to the event, which by many professionals was declared the event of the season. Videos of all the presentations and discussions of the conference will soon be available on our website. In the meantime, we want to say thank you so much to everyone who was with us from March 1 to March 3, and who made this all happen: our experts, speakers, round table participants, partners, guests and listeners.