The Expert Committee has selected the finalists in the Urban Place for Rest nomination.

There have been announced the names of the finalists in the fourth professional nomination of the Open International Competition of Urban Landscape Design Flower Jam- 2018. The finalists projects are to be implemented in the public spaces of Moscow and afterwards be viewed by the international professional Jury in order to choose the winner.

This nomination involves author's landscaped gardens measuring 3x4 meters, those compact miniature islands of wildlife, where you can find your relaxation, read a book or chat with friends. There were submitted 50 applications for participation in this nomination by landscape designers and architects from Russia, Italy, Great Britain and the Republic of Belarus.

The Expert Committee of the Competition has carefully studied and evaluated the works and selected the best. The finalists in this nomination are: Tatiana Skibo, Ekaterina Novitskaya, Maria Kutai, Maria Ilyina, Sergo Popov and Tatyana Kosareva. As soon as these gardens are installed, they are going to be evaluated by the international professional Jury of the Competition in order to determine the winner.

In addition, the experts have recommended two more projects for implementation out of competition: one made by Svetlana Gorbatova and Inessa Kaushakite and the other by the joint team of landscape designers consisting of Elena Zaikova, Ksenia Ryzhova and Alexander Moroz. Even though those projects were not included in the list of finalists, the members of the Expert Committee had particularly noted the high level of the works and some potentially interesting suggestions for the city public spaces.

The decision on making this additional professional nomination Urban Place for Rest was made by the Organizing Committee because of the high interest from the landscape design professionals and the high quality of the works submitted for the Competition.