On September 2, the Moscow International Forum of Urban Landscape Design will be held in Zaryadye Park as part of the Flower Jam Open International Competition of Urban Landscape Design. The topic of this years Forum is The Evolution of School Territories.

The Forum will be attended by Russian and foreign urbanists, landscape designers and architects, child psychologists, medical officers, teachers, school principals, representatives of the Moscow Government, as well as children themselves and their parents.

Part of the Forum will be the Salon of ideas of high school students dedicated to The evolution of school grounds. Moscow high school students can join the discussion of professionals and submit their proposals for transformations of school territories. In order to take part in the salon, students of grades 8-11 must submit their applications and presentations by August 29 to the following e-mail address: org@moscowflowerfest.ru. The application is filled in a free form. It is necessary to indicate the contact information (name and surname, age, telephone number), name or / and number and address of the school. The presentation is also done in a free format. You should select an element of the school grounds (entrance facilities, a playground, a green area or something else), then go and take a picture of one or more of these elements. For each photo you need to attach a description: what is not OK, why, how and for what purpose it should be changed.

All the received presentations will be studied by experts in the fields of urban planning, landscape design, psychology and healthcare. Authors of the best presentations will be invited to speak at the Salon of Ideas at the International Landscape Design Forum. All the participants of the Salon will be given commemorative gifts and souvenirs.

Salon of ideas will be one of the events of the International Forum. The Forum will be attended by landscape designers and architects - Peter Fink (Great Britain), Ain Järve (Estonia) and Heidi Hannus (Finland) - who will talk about the ecological learning environment considering the Western and Russian experiences.

Also, the topic of discussion will be the issues of inclusiveness in planning spaces for children. The chief gardener of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, Anton Dubenyuk, will talk about the Sensory garden, which opened at Aptekarsky Ogorod in mid-July. This is the garden, where you can see, touch and even try different vegetables. It is an example of creating a comfortable walking space for persons with disabilities, including the visually impaired. Also at the Forum psychologists and landscape architects will tell about the organization of modern inclusive educational space.

The forum will also consider solutions which will help transform a normal schoolyard into a center of attraction for students. Biologist, vegetable crops specialist, Viktor Melnikov, will tell about the possibilities of childrens Neskuchny garden for children on the example of the Krasny Garden in the Summer Garden of St. Petersburg, where vegetables and spicy cultures popular back in the XVIII century are cultivated. For example, there are potatoes, lettuce and artichokes, brought to Russia at the time of czar Peter the Great.

At his lecture, Igor Safiullin, a landscape engineer, will tell the forum participants about the modern experience of rethinking and transformation of already established traditions in landscaping of schools, hospitals and other socially significant facilities.

We remind you that one of the steps to transform the urban landscape by the hands of the Muscovites themselves will be the Amateur Flower Gardens Competition, which will be held on September 9 at 1,500 venues in all the districts of Moscow. Muscovites will be able to come up with their own flower garden and bring it to life (help from specialists, plants and equipment will be provided by the organizers). Participation in the competition is free, and authors of the best projects will receive prizes. The venues for the Amateur Competition will be the territories of Moscow schools, as well as cultural, sports and health care institutions.

Registration for the forum is already open by the link.