The International Landscape Conference "Flower Jam" will be held in Moscow

The International Landscape Conference "Flower Jam" will be held on March 1- 3, 2019 in Moscow University Botanical garden. The key speakers of the conference are the world's leading landscape and garden designers, members of the Expert Council of Flower Jam and members of the International Jury of the competition, plant nursery owners, urban planners. Participation is free, but pre-registration is required.

The theme of the conference is modern urban landscape design and the main trends of garden art - gardens and parks in natural style. The speakers of the conference are:

James Basson, one of the leading garden designers in the world (France-United Kingdom), multiple winners of RHS exhibitions, Best in Show (Chelsea 2017), winner of the first prize of the Association of Landscape Architects of Russia - 2018, chairman of the Expert Council of the Flower Jam Competition - 2019.

Peter Korn (Sweden) - a nursery owner, gardener and designer at Klinta Trädgård and Peter Korns Trädgård. Peter has designed a large number of landscape projects in Sweden, including the Botanical Garden in Gothenburg, numerous perennial flower beds, roof gardens, green walls, rain gardens.

James Hitchmo (UK) - Professor, Leading Specialist in the Field of Ecological Gardening in the UK, Head of the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield. Included in the top ten landscape designers in the UK. He is the author of the best-selling book "Dynamic Landscape: Design, Ecology, and Management of Natural Plantings in an Urban Environment". Landscape Design Consultant for London Olympic Park.

Andy Sturgeon (UK) - Chelsea Flower Show multiple winner, one of the most famous garden designers in the UK, Head of the Flower Jam 2019 Jury.

Peter Fink (UK) is an artist, landscape architect, urban planner, winner of numerous international awards, founder of Studio Fink, author of books on the subject Public Art and Architecture.

Matthew Childs (UK) - landscape designer, founder of Matthew Childs Design studio. Multiple winner of prestigious garden exhibitions in UK, Russia, Turkey including highest awards of the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) exhibitions. Judge and the head of the jury of international garden festivals.

Natalya Borisova (Russia) - Master of Landscape Architecture, founder of "NB-GARDEN", multiple award winner of many show gardens competitions. Member of the jury of Russian and international garden competitions.

Gleb Kalyuzhnyuk (Russia) - Landscape Architect, Civil Engineer, Head of Landscape Company GeoGraffiti LLC, HSE Teacher. Winner of various landscape contests.

Marina Ponomareva (Russia) - landscape designer, project manager in the ART-Project DEREVCE. Hear of the Landscape Design department of the HSE Design School.

Artem Parshin (Russia) - Chief Landscape Architect of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University "Aptekarsky Garden", winner of the Russian National Award for Landscape Architecture, Head of the jury of the Garden Competition "Imperial Gardens of Russia of the State Russian Museum-2016", jury member of Flower Jam 2018.

Igor Safiullin (Russia) - Landscape Architect and civil engineer. Lecturer of the course "Landscape design of urban areas of the boulevard and courtyard" of the Department of Landscape Architecture of the Moscow State Technical University. Head of the department of landscape design of the park "Zariadie" in 2016-2017.

Irina Savvateeva (Russia) - Head of the leading Russian Plants Nursery, organizer of landscape workshops, founder and organizer of the Gardens and People Moscow landscape festival, journalist.

Lyudmila Belykh (Russia) - landscape designer, head of Belstudio garden design, multiple winners of garden competitions, member of the jury of landscape competitions, one of the organizers and lecturer of the School of Modern Landscape.

Oksana Khleborodova (Russia) - landscape designer and architect, founder of Landscape Design School and owner of the Plants Nursery. Three-time gold award winner of the international festival Moscow Flower Show and 2017 Grand Prix winner. Winner of other international show garden competitions. Winner of "Russian National Award for Landscape Architecture."

The main aspects and challenges of urban landscape design in natural style will be discussed. An urban garden in natural style is a nature emulating fragment of a meadow or forest, surrounded by the urban landscape. Typical plants for the region are usually selected for this type of greenery. The sustainability is another important characteristic of such gardens.

Garden designers, plant nurseries owners, urban planners, psychologists, ecologist, specialists in urban greenery maintenance will discuss advantages and challenges of the modern gardens and parks in natural style in an urban environment, plants selection and will try to have a look at the natural style through the prism of the national tradition, in particular - the Russian garden.

In the morning presentations and talks of the key speakers will be held. Moderated panel discussions are planned in the afternoon.

Each day of the conference is dedicated to one of the three important aspects of urban landscape planning: aesthetic, ecology, economy.

On the first day, dedicated to the aesthetics of the natural garden, the important issues will be discussed such as emotional impact of natural style gardens on the citizens, their educational value; the garden as part of the national culture, as well as the integration of the traditions of the Russian natural garden into the landscape of the megalopolis.

Can the natural style garden be a substitution of the contact with nature for citizens and give them the illusion of being in the forest or in the meadow, which they lack. However, how to fit these meadows and forests into the urban environment? Is the contrast too strong? Are people prepared for the unclean look of flower gardens and do they want to see a thistle next to roses or instead of them? How to apply the foreign experience style of so-called "New Perennials" to the typical local plants' assortment? Are sustainable biotopes possible in the city and what natural communities can be used as a basis for gardens in our climate?
Those are the main topics to be discussed on the 1st of March with Lyudmila Belykh, who took part in planting design of Zaryadye Park, an example of a natural park in Moscow, Matthew Childs and James Basson, who not only regularly receives gold for Chelsea for their natural gardens, but also knows the aesthetic demand in different countries and cities - in particular, in Russia: in 2018 a special project Carmen on Maya Plisetskaya square, created for Flower jam, received the highest professional award in our country - the first prize of the Association of Landscape Architects. Russian plant nurseries owners- producers of planting material will also take part in the discussion.

On the second day of the conference, we will talk about ecology: the sustainability of plantings, the preservation of plant species, biodiversity, improving urban ecology, as well as ecological methods of maintenance, the introduction of sustainable local wild plants.

The decline of pollinating insects, air and water pollution, the disappearance of biological species are just a few of the environmental problems of the modern city. Can natural" gardens "return nature to the territories occupied by cities and become a solution for solving global environmental problems? Is eco-friendly park maintenance possible without affecting the look of them? Is it possible to limit chemicals and fertilizers, stop mowing urban meadows and maintain the natural fertility of the soil, limit the spread of aggressive species with high decorativeness, and still have beautiful modern gardens and parks in public urban spaces?

The panel discussion will be attended by European experts of "natural style gardens: James Hitchmough (Great Britain) and Peter Korn (Sweden), as well as Russian professionals: Natalia Borisova, the owner of landscape design company Artem Parshin - the landscape architect of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University "Aptekarsky Garden", where sustainable communities of wild plants are created and studied.

Representatives of the Government of Moscow ecological and greeneries department will participate in the discussion as well.

The economic aspect of the "natural" gardens is a topic for the third day.

Cooperation with municipalities and the communities, gardens, as a popular place of visit for citizens and tourists, will be discussed. Why the city should invest in ecological maintenance and in the training of qualified gardeners? How sowing seeds, use of local plants, sustainable plants communities in natural gardens can become.

What economic benefits can be obtained by investing in the training of qualified specialists? What is more expensive: to buy annual plants as a planting material or more expensive perennials? How much is our health costs and should we spend more on the creation of gardens that meet environmental task?

British urban planner Peter Fink, Russian professionals: Igor Safiullin - who was the head of the landscape design department of park "Zaryadye" and Elena Dubnova (landscape studio "Architecture of a living form"), which has designed and constructed many large-scale projects, including airports, residential area and the famous Krymskaya embankment in Moscow.

Electronic registration for the event will open on February 1 on our website. The limited number of seats. First of all, we are waiting for participants and finalists of the competition.