In four neighborhoods of Moscow the parks appeared, created as part of the Flower jam fest

These are the first special projects of "Flower Jam", which were originally created as permanent. The authors of four all-season parks in different areas of Moscow were leading landscape designers from the UK, France, and Sweden.

The Parks grew up at the festival venues of the Moscow Seasons urban cycle of street events on Pererva, Svyatoozerskaya and Mitinskaya streets and on Slavy Square. All of them are designed in different styles. The Park on Pererva Street (author is member of the Expert Council of Flower Jam Matthew Childs, UK) is the embodiment of the idea of the famous English artist of the XVIII century William Hogarth about the Beauty Line. The Park on Svyatoozerskaya Street (author is Chairman of the Expert Council Flower Jam James Basson, France-UK) seems to have come from the pages of Russian fairy tales. The Park on Slavy Square (by Peter Korn, Sweden) demonstrates an innovative approach to planting, the know-how of a famous Swedish garden designer. Park on Mitinskaya Street (the author is the chairman of the jury of "Flower Jam" Andy Stegen, UK) refers to the masterpieces of Moscow architecture.