We are glad and thrilled to announce a New Nomination!

The Open International Competition of Urban Landscape Design Flower Jam- 2018 has announced an additional professional nomination category: "The Urban Recreation Center". Applications will be accepted from May 5th until May 20th, 2018. The deadline for the projects is May 31.

The decision of the Organizing Committee on the new nomination is inspired by the main idea of the competition: to show that a modern metropolis has always a place for natural plants and flowers. Every city-dweller should have a chance once in a while to sit and rest in some shady nook surrounded by green trees and vegetation, in order to relax, to read a book and to enjoy his/her leisure time in the lap of nature. However, the gardens which meet the conditions of the competition are actually very large, as a rule, having areas of 24 - 200 square meters. So, the landscapes of these sizes can hardly be arranged in the limits of a city street.

Thats why weve come up with "The Urban Recreation Center" projects which are compact (with the area of 3x4 meters) and may serve both as a recreation place and a mobile flower garden with natural flowers, shrubs and trees.

Their small size will make it easy to integrate them into the urban environment almost everywhere and thus it will add some colors of nature to those places where no lawns, no small parks, no permanent flower beds, no large exhibition gardens can be created.

The decision on the new nomination was prompted also by the professional community members involvement and their keen interest in the competition. The participating landscape designers and architects are so eager to present their new projects and ideas. So, now with these additional opportunities they will get a fair chance to make their dreams come true.

Acceptance of applications for participation in the nomination The Urban Recreation Center" will be open on the Flower Jam- 2018 contest website on May 5. Your applications will be accepted until May 20, your projects should be sent before May 31. Please see all the information on the contest website.

At the end of summer the best projects will be realized in all the districts of Moscow, including the nearby towns of Troitsk and Zelenograd.