Flower Jam in Bergamo

For the second time, "Flower Jam" (a project organized by the Moscow Government as part of the Moscow Seasons Festival events ) becomes a participant in the International Professional Landscape Conference in Bergamo, Italy. This year, our competition festival was presented by Mario Bonicelli, jury member of the Flower Jam -2019.

Mr. Bonicelli noted that the Moscow Flower Jam is a completely unique landscape festival: the only one which projects are located in the public areas of the metropolis and are open to all citizens; the only one which gardens do not live for several exhibition days, but for almost half a year.

As part of the event in Bergamo, the chairman of the Flower Jam International Jury- 2019 Andy Stegen presented awards to the medalists of the competition who could not come to Moscow to be awarded: Lucia Nusiner, Katuscia Ratto, Cairi Meos, Adele Sironi and David Rampinelli.