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Acceptance of applications for participation in the Moscow Open International Competition of Urban Landscape Design "Flower Jam" 2020 starts now

Acceptance of applications for participation in the Moscow Open International Competition of Urban Landscape Design "Flower Jam" 2020 starts now.

The competition will be held in the Russian capital for the fourth time. The Flower Jam 2020 projects will be focused on improving the urban environment in the broadest sense of the word.

The exhibition gardens of 2020 are to be designed not only to make a beneficial effect on the urban ecosphere by supporting its biodiversity, generating oxygen and helping to clean the metropolis air from dust and ameliorating the microclimate, but also to improve the social climate in the capital by forming the points of interest for tourists and citizens with spaces suitable for communication and creative activities, bringing a special favorable social atmosphere. 

This year well look at the city exhibition garden as a chance to get in touch with Nature, as an invitation to slow down and stop, and look around and see ourselves and others in a new way.

The participants of the 2020 competition are expected to design their exhibition gardens in the manner that will have a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state and physical health of the urban inhabitants, especially children, for whom being in communion with Nature is fundamentally required for their healthy development.

The concept of this year's competition involves creation of the most diverse and amazing gardens, designed in different styles from classic to the latest trends. In fact, as everyone knows, new impressions, emotions and experience are the best remedy for psychological burnouts, stress and loss of interest in life as well as other psycho-emotional problems.

Urban residents will have an opportunity (without leaving Moscow) to enjoy the maximum variety of bright colors, aromas, patterns and garden plant shapes and to hear the buzz of bumblebees, the rustling in the grass and birds that sing and chirp.

The "Flower Jam" - 2020 competition has five nominations. These are the Large Exhibition Garden (200-300 square meters), The Medium Exhibition Garden (100-200 square meters), The Small Exhibition Garden (50-100 square meters), and the two new nominations that appeared in 2019: Landscape project for social areas (area from 70 square meters) nomination that received the Golden diploma of the 10th national award from ALAROS (Association of Landscape Architects of Russia)  and Competition of student projects (area of 50-70 square meters) nomination, in which students of specialized educational institutions are traditionally invited to participate.

This year, well accept both your applications and projects simultaneously with the deadline till mid-January. Thus, by submitting an application for participation through the website of "Flower jam", you can immediately send your project, if it is already finished.

Participants' projects should match the social and environmental theme and have a beneficial effect on the urban ecosphere.