Special project: garden in front of the entrance to the Russian state library

The Garden on the steps of the newly renovated entrance group of the RSL is the reconstruction of the special Flower Jam project back of 2017. That project, entitled Sugarcovered, was created by the first Chairman of the international jury of the Flower Jam Competition by the renowned British landscape designer Matthew Childs. Muscovites, guests of the city and the library staff themselves liked the garden so much that this year it was decided to reconstruct it.

The Sugarcovered project is designed to add some colors and aromas to the urban summer. The landscape composition at the entrance to the Russian State Library brings new live energy to this place, makes you stop and sit down on the steps among the flowers and greenery, and think, and read a book, and discuss it with your friends.

The structure of the garden completely repeats the 2017 project. However, the color scheme and plantings are completely different. Instead of birches and rose bushes, this year the garden was decorated with blue and white hydrangeas, blue delphiniums, silver maples, ferns, speedwells, hedgenettles and catnips. The general gamma of the composition is white-blue with a splash of gray and silver.