- 2019


The deadline established for submitting applications for the "Flower Jam" 2019 Competition

Well start accepting your applications for participation in professional nominations already in a few days, on November 1. By this date, also the Theme of the next years Competition will be announced. In the meantime, we are proud to announce that James Basson, who had come to Moscow to take part in Jam &Tea Party - an informal meeting of the organizers and finalists of the 2018 Competition - agreed to lead the Expert Committee of the next years Flower Jam - 2019.

The participants of the Tea Party that took place at the Gostinaya parlor in Tverskaya Square were representatives of the Organizing Committee of the competition and the finalists of this year. They recollected the best moments of the past festival summer and discussed the upcoming Flower Jam 2019 event, focusing on projects evaluating criteria, on the issues of establishing locations and constructions manufacturing, on the plants selection principles and the necessary assortments provisions, on the work schedules of the Expert Committee and the Jury, as well as on the ways to increase the lifetime of installations and exhibition gardens.

Also, the organizers answered the question about the fate of plants, which was the subject of discussion of the entire Moscow landscape community. Approximately 95% of the plants from the dismantled gardens went to permanent residence at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh), as the prefectures and schools in which the flower gardens of the amateur competition were located took care of the other 5%.

Among the special topics was discussing the possibility of holding the Winter Flower Jam Landscape Conference with James Basson as the headliner in February 2019. The idea of holding a common meeting of the Expert Committee members, who will also participate in the conference, too, as part of this event, was met with enthusiasm both by James Basson himself and this year's finalists, most of whom are already preparing to take part in the Flower Jam 2019 next year.