- 2020!


The names of the Flower Jam - 2020 competition have been officially announced!

The head of the Expert Committee of the Flower Jam competition Andy Sturgeon announced the finalists of the Flower Jam-2020. The expert committee had 225 applications to go through and chose the projects that would be brought to life in the city capital and bring joy to the parks, squares and streets of Moscow in July.

31 show garden project made it to the finale of the competitions, the designers of which come from all over the world. In the finale designers from Russia, the UK, Italy, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, China, Uruguay, Kazakhstan and Georgia will get together.

Large Exhibition Garden

Patricia Garcia Alayo, Lazareva Tatiana "Vosaduli"
Gribova Olga, Ostroumova Anastasiya "Forest fiction"
Alex Pojer "Eyes on the taiga"
Vincenzo Nardi, Andrea Russo "The Garden of Epicuro"
Group of authors "Venus Design" "Flow"
Vorontsova Evgeniya "Fatum"
Wiktor Klyk "Reflections of Moscow"
Group of authors "Archdvor" "Ze Bar"

Medium Exhibition Garden

Aytimov Nurai, Anna El', Ustemirova Ulyana, Ugolev Nikita "Vereteno (Spindle)"
Lapteva Nelli "Scarlet sails"
Russu Evgeniya "Much closer"
Wu Wai Chung, Alejandro O'Nejl "A Jewel Box"
Group of authors "Landdeco" "Singing in the rain"
Pavlov Konstantin "Yellow Submarine"
Kravchuk Nataliya, Mirzahanova Olga, Apresova Taisiya, Guseva Svetlana "Off the ground"
Group of authors "Krona" "Cooperation"

Small Exhibition Garden

Lukicheva Albina "Let there be a beaver"
Group of authors "Elki" "Gravitation"
Group of authors "Sadoviy mir" "On the pipe"
Podstanizkiy Oleg "Meadow of Flowers"

Gardens for communities

Sulimova Mariya, Boyko Marina "Fairy Forest"
Lucia Nusiner "Hospital Smiling Garden"
Heidi Hannus, Svetlana Lavrentyeva "Dacha of my soul"
Pavlova I., Salihova E., Kobeleva M., Melnikova E., Miksuk A "Theater of nature "The cherry orchard"
Dominika Lovasikova, Michal Marcinov, Richard Marfiak, Katarina Stanislavova "Memento"

Competition of Student Projects

Sergo Popov, Anna Anikina "The Web"
Pandora Ryan "The Dacha City"
Harrie Carnochan "Urban Symbiosis"
Igor' Ohmak "Little Prince"
Denis Hasanov "The Chackmate"

Now authors of the projects that got into the finale will continue their work with experienced mentors to make their gardens not only original and attractive for the public, but to improve the urban space.