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The construction of Moscow Summer gardens has started

Already in June, Moscow will be decorated with more than forty gardens designed by the finalists of the 2019 “Flower Jam” Open International Urban Landscape Design Competition.

Installation of gardens has started this weekend. Matthew Childs, one of the best landscape designers in the UK, a multiple winner of Chelsea, flew to Moscow to see how work is progressing on project implementation.

Matthew Childs spoke about the “Flower Jam” 2019 gardens which Muscovites and city visitors will be able to see in the coming weeks and the projects that he personally considers the most interesting.

“I look forward to the appearance of several gardens with particular impatience,” he said. “As a mentor, I worked with the authors of three gardens. These projects are “Universal Rhythm” by Adele Sironi from Italy, a garden called “Out of Limits” by young Russian authors Sofya Romashkova and Mai Lin Chin, who are participating in the student nomination, and a project by Russian landscape designers Anastasia Golovina and Vitaly Panteleeva: their garden is called “The retinue plays” and in my opinion this is a stunningly interesting project with a very deep cultural subtext. The idea is based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s famous Russian novel “The Master and Margarita”. It was extremely interesting to work with these authors as a mentor, exchange ideas and together look for a way to make the project even brighter. And now I really want to see how these ideas and projects come true.”

The basis of the concept of “The retinue plays” garden (Anastasia Golovina, Vitaly Panteleev, Russia) is the plot of the novel by M.A. Bulgakova "The Master and Margarita." An array of “forests” in the center of the garden symbolizes forces, of which Woland and his retinue are part of, “pavilions” refer to images of variety show and 50BIS apartment, and the rails refer to the incident at Patriarch Ponds. Bright colors designed to create the impression of theatricality and magic. The garden can be seen on Myasnitskye Vorota Square near the metro Chistye Prudy.

The “Universal Rhythm” project (Adele Sironi, Italy) is inspired by the orthogonal geometry of the painting by artist Pete Mondrian. The primary colors of the garden are yellow-blue-red; two sandboxes for children and a cubic dome shape reproduce modules from paintings by an abstract artist. The garden will be implemented on the territory of the VDNKh.

Sophia Romashkova and Mai Lin Chin's student project “Out of Limits” will decorate the territory of the “Depot” Food Court, the largest in Europe, recently opened in Moscow.

Matthew Childs also noted the “The Circle” round garden (authors - Lorenza Bartolazzi, Luca Catalano, Claudia Clementini, Italy), which is very different from all other projects. According to Childs, it will push the boundaries of our ideas about landscape design and make us take a fresh look at exhibition gardens. The project is actually an enclosed space, an “island” inside the city isolated from the urban environment where the visitor can get into the Nature’s world and explore it. The garden will appear near the metro station Krasnopresnenskaya.

The expert liked the project of Italians Alessandro Trivelli and Sylvia Calatroni very much: according to Mr. Childs, the space of their project “You are The Landscape”, which will be built on the Kuznetsky Most street in front of the Central Department Store, promises to be very immersive, you will want to immerse yourself in it, penetrate it and feel it. The authors of the garden see their project as a dialogue with the architecture and history of space and invite visitors to become participants in this dialogue.

The "Red Garden" of the group of Russian authors of the “Archiland” company promises to be very bright in all respects - it will be implemented next to the Barrikadnaya metro station. The name “Red” is used both in the understanding of “beautiful” and emphasizes “red” as the color of the Russian avant-garde. “Red Garden” is a significant tribute to the memory of Konstantin Melnikov, who in the 1920s headed the Workshop of the Parks of Culture and Leisure of the USSR. Melnikov's activities largely determined the image of Moscow parks. The geometry of the garden refers to the works of such iconic avant-garde artists as Kazimir Malevich, Vasily Kandinsky, El Lissitzky and Nikolai Suetin. The choice of colors (red, white and black) is also conceptual and reflects the colors of the Russian avant-garde. The selection of plants supports the theme of the Russian garden: multi-stemmed birches, hydrangea, dark-leafed elderberries and cinquefoils.

And finally, it is impossible not to mention the “A-mazing Garden” project (authors - Maggie Wu, PRC and Alejandro O’Neil, Uruguay). The concept is based on a traditional circular garden maze. It "directs" people to the center of the garden, where they can find peace and solitude among nature and enjoy the summer, the sun and Mediterranean vegetation planted in the garden, while sitting under the "dome" made of cloths of golden color, which on the one hand will give a shadow, on the other hand, will help create the feeling of a sunny day even in cloudy weather.

The best gardens of the “Flower Jam” competition, which will become winners in their nominations, are to be selected by a professional international jury of the competition chaired by Andy Stegen, one of the ten best landscape designers in the world. The jury included leading representatives of the landscape industry from Russia and abroad.

The winners will be announced in early September. Until then, Muscovites and visitors will be able to admire the competition gardens, which this year were designed in such a way as to change their appearance during the whole summer. This effect is achieved through the plants that bloom and reach their peak of decorativeness at different times, changing colors, shape and volume of green spaces.