On Tverskoy Boulevard there will be a Children's Garden City - a special project of "The Flower Jam" from Peter Fink and Matthew Childs

Peter Fink, a famous British architect, artist and urbanist together with Matthew Childs, one of the best landscape designers of Great Britain, who is a new winner and gold medalist of the recent RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show - 2018, the most prestigious flower exhibition in the world, they prepared a special project " !" (or Dont Rush!, Take your Time! in English) for the Moscow "Flower Jam" 2018 contest.  At the end of August, a real children's city garden with big flower gardens, exhibition gardens, games areas and places of recreation will appear on Tverskoy Boulevard. Here, during the "Flower Jam" festival, the International Children's School of Landscape Design will open its doors.

For this project, taking the entire length of the boulevard, there will appear Giant Footprints - bright colorful structures, some of which will be turned into flowerbeds, some into sandboxes with colored sand, and some into benches and recreation areas.

Also on the boulevard there will be benches in the form of open rings, allowing people to sit looking at each other and giant "fairytale" flower pots with trees and flowering plants.

And at the International Children's School of Landscape Design, teachers - leading professionals from Russia and abroad - will introduce children to the basics of craftsmanship and help create their own flower gardens.

This project on Tverskoy Boulevard is a space for communication and creativity, the philosophy of which is fully expressed in the title: Dont rush!

Matthew Childs and Peter Fink are sure: it's time for many of us to reconsider our views and attitude to life and the whole world around us, its time to slow down the pace. That's what they say about the project.

 Matthew Childs:

We, the grown-ups, are constantly in such a hurry that we are absolutely unable to enjoy the current moment - real and beautiful. But children are capable of doing that. They are still curious and full of wonder. We rush them all the time, we say: lift your chin, straighten up, look forward. But they can watch the earthworm for hours, instead of going to the bathroom; they see beauty in weeds and cracks on the asphalt.... Our project is a suggestion not to rush. Stop next to your child, ask: what are you doing now? Can I join you? Do not hurry! And you will notice what beauty is in life right now, at this very moment.

Peter Fink:

The flower city on Tverskoy Boulevard is a realm of curiosity, ingenuousness, surprise, which are so characteristic of children and their view of the world. Its a place for games, creativity and bright colors, where both children and grown-ups can slowly enjoy the world around them, play, meditate and feel.