Финалисты конкурса «Цветочный джем» будут объявлены утром 2 марта на Международной ландшафтной конференции в Аптекарском огороде.


The finalists of the Flower Jam Competition will be announced on the morning of March 2 at the International Landscape Conference at the Aptekarskiy Ogorod Garden in Moscow

On March 1, the Expert Council will hold an in-person meeting to finalize the selection of projects for subsequent implementation. The projects had inspired our experts so much that they could not come to a consensus during their internet sessions and they asked for extra time to finish the work with selection. Well, the competition is becoming more and more intriguing.

On March 2, the Chairman of the Expert Council (James Basson ) and representatives of the Organizing Committee of the Competition will announce the results of the meeting.

It starts at 9.30 am. Do not miss it!

On the same day, March 2, from 4:00 pm, according to the schedule (which will be announced in the morning) the finalists will meet with their mentors – the members of the Expert Council.