Nomination "Large Exhibition Garden" - Elizaveta Kozyreva



Location: Novy Arbat Street, 19-21

This garden is a metaphor of a life's journey with all its ups and downs.

The steps at the entrance symbolize youth - the time when we strive for going up and rising, we are eager to reach the highest point. Having risen, we follow our own way: the surrounding landscape is changing, we are changing ourselves too. And then - we leave the stage, giving way to the next generations.

We are searching for ourselves in this life. To see who we are and what we look like, will help the mirrors installed in the garden. Climbing the stairs to the highest point, you can see the distance traveled and the path that still lies ahead. At the peak of "life", a person can affect events and choose in what light the world will see him - for this purpose, the electric light is provided. And at the end of the way you can sit down, relax and talk about "Life".