Nomination "Landscape design for social areas" - Pavlova Irina, Tsai Marina, Volodina Elena, Salikhova Elizaveta, Kryazhevskaya Anastasia, Subocheva Tatyana, Mishago Polina, Lukicheva Alexandra


Green Pharmacy of Suvorov

Location: Leninsky Avenue, 10k10

Green Pharmacy of Suvorov is an artistic embodiment of the concept of a therapeutic garden and represents the key principles of organizing a therapeutic environment: immersion in the game and semantic space, isolation from noise, the stimulus to contemplation and reducing the speed of movement, participation in the process of creating the Garden through doing.

The theme of the project refers to the history of Moscow and the urban pharmacy gardens of the 16th - 17th centuries, and the title is a tribute to one of the most famous natives of Moscow, Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov, who paid great attention to herbal medicine in the Russian army, personally giving orders for provisions of medicinal plants and whose 290-th anniversary we celebrate this year.