Nomination "Large Exhibition Garden" - Anastasia Golovina, Vitaly Panteleev


"The retinue plays"

Location: Myasnitskiye Vorota Square

The concept of the garden is based on the events of the novel by M.A. Bulgakov "Master and Margarita." "The forested area" in the center symbolizes dark forces; scattered fragments of a broken whole can be interpreted as fragments of a communal apartment, a city, or as a scene where the novel is set; Pavilions refer to images of a variety show and 50BIS apartment; the rails refer to the incident at the Patriarch's Ponds. Bright colors of designs create the impression of theatricality and magic.

Lime alleys, peonies, wild roses, lilies, phloxes and Rumex crispus are designed to enhance the feeling of city streets and yards.