Nomination "The competition of student project" - Alina Chernikova, Andrey Pylaev


On the roof

Location: Nizhny Susalny Lane, 43

Continuing the idea of Le Corbusier, a pioneer of architectural modernism and functionalism, we created a roof garden and placed it on the ground.

The garden is divided into several zones of different styles and purposes. The chillout  a recreation area with benches and sun loungers on the "roof slope"  is designed in the spirit of classicism, and the solution is based on the uniformity and consistency of all parts, orderliness, and harmony. The zone of the Soviet avant-garde of the twenties is minimalist and functional. The zone, made in the style of the thirties of the twentieth century refers to the Stalin empire with all its pomposity. The selection of plants emphasizes the style in which each of the zones of this eclectic garden is solved.