"Goblin and Sunbeam"

Nomination "Small Exhibition Garden" - Tanya Niemenen, Tina Holmberg


Goblin and Sunbeam

Location: Taganskaya Street

This garden is an illustration of a famous Finnish tale by Reino Helismaa. It’s about how a goblin, a child of darkness, fell in love with a ray of sunshine.

The garden is divided into “dark” and “light” sides: the dark, mysterious, cold world of goblin and the bright, warm, living world of the Sunbeam. The built-in lights emphasize the contrast between the two worlds.

The structures of Corten steel are “softened” by the floral forms. The plants are improvisations on the northern natural landscape. Spruce, juniper, heather are used. Coniferous trees prevail, and floral forms are represented by a selection of meadow and foothill flowers and grasses.