Nomination "Medium Exhibition Garden" - Krasilnikova Elina, Abdrashitova Nadezhda, Vakhrameeva Olga, Zlateva Ana, Zduljakin Ilya, Goncharik Alesya



Location: Zelenograd, Ploshchad Yunosti

2019 was declared the Year of Theater in Russia. That inspired us to create a garden called the "Entr'acte". This will be a garden-illusion, a garden-impression and a garden-mystery. The main associations with the entr'acte are a pause, a quiet auditorium, an empty stage, dim spotlights, waiting for the continuation of the performance and curtains down. The whole garden acts as an auditorium during the intermission. The role of the stage is played by the dominant volume of flower beds. Everyone can feel like an actor, climbing the steps to this "stage", surrounded on all sides by fragrant flowers and a "curtain" of multicolored stained glass panels.