Nagornaya Anna


Make Your Choice!

Megapolis is like a huge beehive. So the layout of the garden resembles a honeycomb. But unlike bee honeycomb structures, the cells in them are different. They differ from each other in size, shape, color, filling. In fact, unlike the hive, the metropolis is inhabited not by worker bees, but by people. And everyone is unique. People have different characters, different preferences, different people are built into the life of the city in different ways.

Megapolis is like a magic flower. And the layout of the garden is a reference to the shape of the flower. Each petal has its own color, each petal fulfills a desire, like a magic seven-petal flower from a children's fairy tale which tells us how important it is to realize ones true desires when having so many opportunities to choose. Some of them lead directly to the goal, as well as some of the paths of our garden lead directly to the center. And some of them do not.