Novitskaya Ekaterina


In the shade of blooming crowns

This project is an attempt to contribute to maintaining a balance between natural and artificial components of the urban environment by means of landscape design.

The project is based on a post-and-beam system as a means of integration of natural and anthropogenic elements of the urban environment.
The frame allows you to create several functional layers, which increases efficiency of the use of a land plot.

The post-beam system originally has the architectural shape of a forest. And this creates the opportunity to invite Nature to the city on a semantic level.
As a result, weve come up the image of a Tricky Forest - a multifunctional space formed with the help of a frame.

"The Tricky Forest" can become a universal technique for the improvement of urban spaces. The framework of the "tricky forest" helps to organize and transform the coverings protecting the vertical structures, to install various equipment for games and recreation (ropes, swings, nets), to plant trees and shrubs at small architectural forms (while the verdure is protected from damage and trampling). It serves as the basis for installation of electrical lighting equipment as well.
The Tricky Forest is an excellent tool for space structuring and creating expressive images of streets, squares and courtyards in the city.

All elements of the "forest" can be made in different forms and materials, but the very principle of using the frame helps creating a figurative unity of objects emerging in the streets of the city.

The structures of the frame contain the spaces into which the mobile flower beds are inserted and some unpretentious or highly decorative grasses and shrubs are planted.