Olga Gribova and Anastasia Ostroumova


In the Flow

The "Flow" Garden is an image of the flow, connection and interaction of different cultures, characters, events in a single life movement. The main characters of the garden are the three colors: red, blue and green which are basic in the color model RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and are widely used in technology. These colors, so closely intertwined into the smart city life, act as swift streams.

The rounded corners give modern look to the lines. This "digital" trend - originates from computer graphics and is reflected in modern forms. The finishing gloss and linear design of the evening light give the garden an additional relevance and dynamism.

Vegetation, both form and color, emphasizes direction, speed and temperament. As the streams move, so many lives and competitions are observed the dense masses are being replaced by the loose ones, and the high ones by the low ones. On the other hand, plants, with their different appearances, tenderness of colors and aromas, set you in a calm mood - a natural movement in unison with nature.

Thus, reflecting the diversity, dynamics and up-to-dateness of the life of the capital city, the garden invites you to plunge into the rhythm of a healthy life - to breathe in the scent of blooming flowers, to touch natural plants, to enjoy their beauty.