Popov Sergo, Anikina Anna, Krista Oksana



Our project is an urban place for rest in the form of a mobile flower garden with natural plants. The source of inspiration for the design of this small architectural form was a classical greenhouse, which we have converted into a cozy, comfortable resting place for the city folks. Using as a basis the form factor of the standard wooden greenhouse, we have “turned” it “inside out”, getting a flower garden on the outside, and from the inside - a comfortable conceptual space with benches, swings and pergolas, which create a soft shade in the summer heat.

The Goal of our project is to organize an emotion-oriented space that performs recreational, communicative and aesthetic functions. Anyone can come inside this original arbor and chat with friends sitting on benches, or relax and swing on a swing.

We want the visitors of the "Greenhouse" at least for a short while to get into the “green” space, to abstract from the city's bustle, to feel appeasement and security. Organicity, simplicity and security are the three main components of our project.