Boyko Marina



Moscow is a complex, multi-faceted, multi-layered. The whole city seems to be entangled in threads of connection: with the past and the present; people who from all the vastness of the country rush into the megalopolis with their ideas, thoughts and dreams. <p\> The location of the garden is the place where people flow, where thousands of meetings and interactions take place. The dome ribs grow out of the earth and unite among themselves forming a single bond as a symbol of the unity and cultural code of people. <p\> In the garden located in the center of the metropolis it is possible to feel a connection with nature, with its Little Homeland through the image of meadows, golden fields and bright flowers, as if from a grandmother's front garden. <p\> The garden seems to be laying the thread of connection between the past and the present. Modern materials and laconic lines are combined into forms reminiscent of historicity of the place: the gazebo-dome is similar to the dome of the Skorybishchensky church, half-rods denote the arches and bay windows of the old buildings. Surrounded by frozen facades, as if dusted with time, the bright colors of the garden symbolize a fresh, lively, dynamic present.