Panteleev Vitaliy, Golovina Anastasiya


Let's go!

We all come from childhood. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery "The Little Prince"

Impressions of childhood bring colors to our whole life. This is the time when the trees were bigger, a chocolate ice cream on a stick was the most delicious, when the whole world was open and full of sweet anticipations, when the feeling of happiness was always with us and it seemed that this will be forever.

Those moments are kept in our memory. We keep them as treasures and sometimes take to look at and admire. One of these jewels we wanted to show in our garden.

In the design of the garden you can guess the image of a children’s song blue wagons, railway farms and tracks with sleepers - the symbols of the joy of anticipation of traveling and road impressions. The tap-tapping of the train wheels, a glass of tea on a tray table – that’s what comes to mind. Pyramidal poplars, sagebrushes, sunflowers and other plants are reminding of a steppe running in the train’s window. Thuja trees and roses, their regular layout  resembling a southern holiday resort. Colorful “suitcases” with sea pebbles bring associations with vacation baggage and the sea.

Even now we can listen to ourselves and feel that sweet babyish heart-sinking in the chest. It happens every time when we are on the road.