Zhiltsov Nikita


Moscow Countryside Meadow

Its the end of August. Were at the center of a stuffy, red-hot metropolis. Oh, how we want to get to the countryside, to an endless meadow, to enjoy the aroma of meadow grasses and flowers and to forget about the city bustle.

The project is an island-meadow in the center of the city, where it takes an instant to find oneself in the countryside.

The main features of the garden are smooth shapes, bright colors, trees offering shades.

The project uses plants that imitate the wild meadow: the central part of each island is a composition of grasses with perennials, for the vertical accents as well as to create shades, the Vieri Silver Maples are used.

Bright colors of plants are emphasized by the black color of the base construction. The main features of the design are in the intersection of its layers at different angles and painting the ends of each layer in a special way. As a result, when you move around you get a showy and constantly changing composition.