Kosareva Tatiana


Moscow beat

The Moscow beat song by the Russian rock and roll band Bravo has inspired me to create a garden in the rhythm of this music.

Heres some lyrics:

Tis a new dance, it's like dynamite,
Come on dance with us all those who love the beat.
Kiev and Magadan, Penza and Yerevan.
The Moscow beat is ringing over the land

The Beat music style is a fusion of different genres: Rock'n'Roll, Doo-wop, Skiffle, Rhythm-n-Blues and Soul. So, like the mixed style of the Beat music, my garden has mixed bright and pastel colors, different kinds of plants: coniferous and deciduous trees and shrubs, perennial and annual flowers and cereal grasses.

The paving is done with colored tiles and it resembles a dance floor. Decorative columns on the three sides of the podium are associated with equalizers, which are used to get different shades of music.

Decorative elements on the flower containers are illuminated from below by a LED tape, which creates an atmosphere of an open-air dance club in the evening.