Летняя импровизация 2018

Fernando Gonzalez


Summer Improvisation 2018

"Lend your ears to music, open your eyes to painting, and... stop thinking! Just ask yourself whether the work has enabled you to 'walk about' into a hitherto unknown world. If the answer is yes, what more do you want?"

''Color is a power which directly influences the soul''

''Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body''


This composition is inspired by the genius of Vasily Kandisky and his pioneering of abstraction such as his use of free forms, lines and bright color.

The Russian artist advocated for art with no rules, pure fantasy and joy. Improvisations by Kandinsky were the visualization of inner processes that occur suddenly and unconsciously.

Based on several of his paintings, the garden follows the spatial rhythms, patterns and wavy strokes of his canvases and becomes a tridimensional explosion of materials and colorful planting.

Two timber boardwalks criss-cross the space making you feel like you are reading a painting or being part of it. Blocks of perennials with strong colors are placed inside the timber organic containers.

They are painted black as well as several timber rings circling the trees in the garden. This makes the composition more contrasting and emphasizes the bright colors.