Sulimova Mariya


Colors in the windows

All of us once were children and looked at the world with wide open eyes.

From different windows, at different times, we all looked at the street and the nature, where we used to spend so much time.

The windows of different regions connected into one line in our garden not only illustrate the diversity of the architectural appearance of Moscow, but it also reminds us: although we are all very different, we live on the same land that should be loved and cherished. The garden enclosed within a hedge is a metaphor for our world: its alive, beautiful and fragile.

Looking at the garden through the window, we, on the one hand, feel at home, on the other - we feel an almost childish desire to quickly go for a walk.

Staying in the garden, we can see the walls of our home, where it's so nice to come back to after a day spent in nature.

The garden has two entrances and is provisionally divided into two parts: "today" and the "space for memories". From both sides opens a look and a perspective.

Living in a megalopolis, we often look only at our feet, we are focused on our problems and we do not give free rein to emotions. "Colors in the windows" is a place where you can stop, look around and experience the feelings once forgotten. Adults can mentally return to their childhood to see the sky, to feel the touch of green grass and temporarily to forget about the problems. Children can learn how their parents spent their childhood among the real wildlife, and not in virtual reality.

Our garden is a way to remind: the doors to the world of nature and real feelings are always open.