Architectural Bureau VESH! (Maria Kutai, Ekaterina Astafieva, Anton Borisov, Anton Belov, Yevgeny Kutai)


City constructor kit

Modules, which make up the space of the City Constructor, have an aesthetic and a functional meaning. They are tubs with plants that create an ecologically and visually enabling environment in the city, as well as areas for sitting with tables for recreation of city dwellers. Additional elements can be built in into the modules, such as: plug sockets, a WiFi router and more. Some modules are attached to each other and form a wall, as the others are located chaotically and can organize a space of different configurations.

The modules of the City Constructor can be made of wood, veneer, composite material or fiberglass plastic. Depending on the type of plants, the modules can be fully filled with soil or equipped with containers of the required capacity.