√ородской калейдоскоп

Androsenko Olga


City Kaleidoscope

The source of inspiration for the creation of the project was a graphic ornament reminiscent of the patchwork technique. The "City Kaleidoscope" is a story about the diversity and variety of the city, a mixture of cultures and styles, a patchwork of opinions and nuances of feelings.

The variety of plants suggests the great diversity of the flora of our country.

Passing by pergola you can see hedges, a square of a lawn, as a city square framed by popular cereals in the city. On the bench, you can sit facing the "city", while at the same time next to the "forest" of limes and groups of meadow plants. A tired traveler can relax on a swing with a selected view of the city or nature.

Being a place of rest and contemplation, the garden, nevertheless, has a transit function for the ever hurrying city.

The garden is located on several levels, the path is elevated above the ground level.

All plantings are covered with various materials: the "water" zone - by small gravel, the "forest" zone Ц by bark, the УcityФ zone  - by gray small rocks , the "steppe" zone Ц by large sand. 

A swing and a square hammock allow you to slowly look at groups of plants and enjoy your conversation.

The garden is designed for different groups of visitors - adults and children. For low-mobility visitors a ramp is provided.