Russu Evgenia



The theme of the "Flower Jam" - 2018 competition is Bright colors. The image of a festive garland is the basis of this concept. The planning decision is made in the form of a garland of square flags overlapping on each other. The design is a rhythm of modules with vegetative fillings, and alternation of open decks with street furniture. Modules and decks have a variety of prints, coinciding in color with the plants. Designers outdoor poufs are freely located on the decks and next to the modules, and also correspond to the overall color solution. The umbrella-type amur maples (Acer Ginnala) and rowan trees make possible to form volume and structure, cereal grasses show dynamics, and flowering herbaceous perennials add brightness. Plants make a natural component and give cheerfulness. The space turns out to be holistic, attractive and multifunctional.