Unique garden for each generation

Modern concepts imply multifunctionality, multitasking and a possibility of zoning any urban space.

A place of rest for inhabitants of a megacity consists at least of three functional zones:

  • A place for calm relaxation, work or socializing
  • A green buffer protecting from aggressive influences of the city
  • Places of interest and activity that diversify citizens' leisure time

The concept of the garden is in the interaction of these zones, as well as their equitable distribution over the area of the mobile module.

Different modules are designed for different groups of citizens, and each of them implies a specific recreational scenario. The modular system allows, if necessary, to change the design and, subsequently, the scenarios.

ADULT Module

It’s a place for quiet relaxation or work, as well as a center of attraction for adult city folks. It can be a zone for intellectual games, master classes, temporary exhibition space, games, puzzles, art objects and much more.
Green buffers help to separate and balance the opposite zones, creating a natural barrier.

KIDS Module

The module provides for compact game elements, zones for reading, drawing and active games. There is where to sit down both for parents who look after their children, and for children if they are tired of games. A “Green Corridor” creates a shade over the playground and protects the garden from the active outer part of the street or square.

TEENS Module

For young people the point of attraction will be a place where they can get together in big groups, listen to music and socialize. In this case, there is a focus on the interflow of the three zones. The green zones fence off noise-making teens from the outside world.


This module is designed for the elderly. The focus is made on quiet activities: table games, reading, planting vegetables and gardening.
Green vegetation creates a shade over the module and makes it possible to be closer to Nature even within the city limits.