Moscow Summer gardens open june 20th

The main events of the international "Flower Jam" 2019 Festival will be held in the Russian capital from August 23rd to September 8th. But the festival starts on June 20th. On this very day, 42 exhibition gardens of the finalists of the Flower Jam 2019 competition will open at venues throughout Moscow. Projects created by landscape designers from 11 countries of the world - Russia, Italy, France, Slovakia, China, Uruguay, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia and Kazakhstan - they will decorate the public areas of the city at least until mid-September.

In past years, the lifespan of the Flower Jam competition gardens was only a few weeks: they appeared in August, at the beginning of the festival of the same name. However, this year the gardens will delight Muscovites and tourists throughout the summer. The extension of the life of the gardens formed the basis of the theme of this year's competition: Summer Gardens of Moscow. The gardens of the competition participants are designed to change color, shape and volume throughout the summer due to plants blooming and blossoming at different times. Therefore, the same garden in July will look completely different than in August or September.